A downloadable mess of a game for Windows

you can only do one action at a time. you must choose exactly when to move, shoot, or aim. also I have to leave at 6:00 this morning and this was done in 10 hours in an all nighter. so it sucks. good concept, though, I think.

press ESC to exit.

press F to pay respects.

good luck developing! remember to save every 3 seconds and to brush your teeth before showering!

music used: AIRGLOW – Electrifying Landscape: https://youtu.be/iBaolZZ-ZoI

License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Published 17 days ago
StatusOn hold

Install instructions

unzip it and run the .exe. sans undertale.


Sequence.zip 23 MB


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Yeah, were to start with this one... F